“Temple Food”

Something about going to the farmer’s market made things click. Reading year is stressful, and stress, for me, means food. Usually fatty, salty, and fast. This is my attempt to regain control over most areas of my life–for me, food is one of the biggest and most important. When I approach healthier eating, I don’t do diet food and I refuse to deny myself the foods I want to eat. Instead, I shift toward what Nigella Lawson calls “Temple Food”–short for “my body is a temple food.”

Now, healthier to me doesn’t necessary mean low fat or diet food. It is much lower in fat, calories, preservatives and cholesterol than I usually eat, but for me, it’s about using less processed food, more whole ingredients and vegetables, and cooking every meal for myself. It means no soda, no fast food, and minimizing food I don’t make myself. It means making shortcuts, not taking shortcuts. I also decided it would be a good time to cut my meat consumption, at least by half. My goal is to have meat only once per day, most days. All of this is also balanced with exceptions when needed and no guilt attached to them. Today I had dinner with my parents, at a restaurant, and I feel no guilt, because for five days, I have eaten only my food. 

So, could it be “healthier”? Maybe, but it would be less sustainable. There’s nothing wrong in liking salt and butter. Denying myself them would not make me happy, nor would it be something I could keep up. However, being more conscious of them and balancing them with good fats, vitamins, and nutrients, while eliminating many of the toxic elements in processed foods, is a simple enough change to make.


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