Chicken Soup, because I’m sick as hell.


Sometimes you need soup. Usually that’s because you’re really sick or it’s cold as balls outside. I don’t do canned soup, and with the exception of Panera or sit down restaurants, most places don’t do it well–and those things can get expensive. So a giant batch of this is a great way to get ready to sit through a bout of strep.

This is chicken soup with an Italian flare. It’s much more complex than normal chicken soup, so it’s easier to eat for multiple meals in a row without getting tired of it. The basil and tomato, being added at the end, add a freshness. And for leftovers, it’s best to reserve a bit of basil and tomato to infuse a new freshness every time.


1 large chicken breast (about a pound), diced fairly small

1 large or 2 small carrots, grated

1 stalk of celery, minced

1 pack of sliced mushrooms (cremini preferred)

1 half onion, diced small

2 cloves garlic, minced

3 large roma tomatoes (less ripe is best for texture)

as much basil as you can harvest from one of those small living herb plants

1 16 0z package of premade potato gnocchi

4 c. (one carton) chicken stock

1 c. water


1 c. white wine

2 c. heavy cream

1-2 T. chicken bouillon and salt to taste

Black pepper

a pinch of Thyme


The rundown:

In oil or a few T. of butter, sauté the vegetables and chicken (not the basil or tomato) until soft and slightly colored. Deglaze with wine and cook down 5 minutes. Add the water, stock, gnocchi, and seasoning. Then, stir in cream and heat the soup gently on medium to avoid separation. Heat thoroughly until gnocchi are cooked through and soft, then add diced tomatoes, cook 1-2 minutes, add roughly chopped basil, and turn off heat. Serve!


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